Red Witch Analog Guitar Pedals

Logo (illustration), packaging, stationary, promotional materials, direction of photography. The brief was to accompany the “Red Witch” white logo with Art Noveau inspired artwork. “The female graphic has lifted the existing branding up to another level,“ says Ben Fulton, CEO & Designer, “imbuing the brand with sexiness and elegance that was not previously conveyed.“ Red Witch won Best Emerging Business at the TVNZ marketing awards in 2010, and at the 2012 awards Red Witch Analog Pedals won the technology and transformational categories for its Seven Sisters range. The Red Witch woman, as described by Ben Fulton, “has played a great part in all of that!”

Illustration to accompany the previous logo is based on Art Nouveau Alphonse Mucha paintings. The woman is giving desired personality to the Red Witch brand. 
Art Direction for expo stand drafted by Hart production / MCCGLC London Event Architects.
Packaging including tech drawings for the pedal box producers.
Photography by Wayne Tait.
Photography by Wayne Tait.
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