Self Promo / Light My Fire

Match Box. To promote my design skills, I have chosen this trick on words and organic material and handcrafted a special Match Box. The box suppose to reflect the way I am - cheeky, nature loving person. The message is clear: "Light My Fire, I am your perfect MATCH!" This self promotion / attention drawer was sent to the Creative Director of a Design Agency where I was applying for a job. Each card in the box has a different meaning: "I am" is using Czech folklore design (I was born in Czech), "Your" is showing my typographic skills by handwritten letters, "Perfect" is influenced by history (Art Deco) and the "Match" as an object speaks for itself - It's a Match and It's a fire starter! The Match Box is about 3 times bigger then usual Match Box (100x60x15mm). Its fully functional and is a great design item to keep.

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