Steam Punk Print

First Steam Punk Printing in NZ My part was to design and made lino-cuts. I chosen letters LOVE. The Lopdell Gallery in collaboration with MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology) have created a series of workshops: “Journey of a Book - From Pulp to Print”. Over four weekends the kids and families have learned how to craft their very own book, from making paper, printing through to bookbinding. In its final week, things were taken to the next level, MOTAT-style, in an exhilarating live event where visitors and organisers have swapped print rollers for MOTAT’s own steam roller and created a few massive prints! It was my pleasure to help with the heavy printing process.

LOVE the result:) printed final lino cuts I created over night
Laying down the linos before the firts heavy test.
Graham from GTO printers (left) and lovely people from Lopdell House gallery in blue vests. &
Paper comes next, then covers with protective layer (carpet) and some foamy layer.
Lino cuts survived and prints came out beautifully.
The excitment of the result.
Great team effort by all the people involved: public, GTO printers, Lopdell house gallery and MOTAT (museum of transport and technology in Auckland).
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